Original Memes - Sensitive Content...LOL

Here is a collection of my Memes. They're here for humor, not for comment. Enjoy!


Xi Jinping Almost Had it Spy Balloon

For future reference, there is a Chinese spy balloon floating across the united states (over Montana at the time of this meme's creation). President Joe Biden is NOT shooting it down. We are just going to observe it. Americans are split between shooting it down and not shooting it down. Personally, I believe there is potential for bio or harmful agents to be deployed via the balloon if it is destroyed, so a cautious approach is prudent. I would not, however, do nothing but observe. 


Just a poking a bit of fun at the fact that President Biden went to Ukraine to visit his money-laundering partner in Ukraine while Ohio is denied assistance from the Federal government...(Adapted from ADevotedYogi on Twitter)