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What is Hot Honey used for?

If you want to know what Hot Honey is used for, you should think more Chicken & Waffles, and less afternoon tea. Our Hot honey is a great drizzled topping for Tacos, Seared Scallops, Fried Chicken, Chicken nuggets and tenders, burgers, chicken sandwiches, and of course, chicken and waffles!

I had the wife try the latest hot honey formula. The reaction: Oh, it's spicy! We have the formulation down for a mild to medium! The secret sauce is...well...in the sauce! Still working on packaging and brand extension logo design. Keep on the lookout for some amazing hot honey and honey sauces.

What's different about hot honey? Well, for starters, our hot honey is not as sweet as your everyday table honey. We start with our organic wildflower honey and then start crafting in the kitchen! We us a special blend of peppers and ingredients combined in a specific way to bring the right amount of heat to the table! Whether you're looking for that condiment with a little sweetness and nice heat, or the one that'll blow the roof off this place, we've got you covered with our different levels of heat.

For people who prefer a less sweet, organic experience, you are sure to enjoy our <ahref=https: www.stinghoneycompany.com.products="" organic-wildflower-honey-12-oz="">organic wildflower honey. We are happy to provide this delicious honey that's perfect for tea, but there is just something that brings joy to those of us who appreciate a good, spicy condiment that still allows you to enjoy your meal. If you want some heat without sacrificing flavor and fun, then try our mild and medium hot honey products. If you want your ears to start sweating, then there's a good chance you'll like our hottest blend.

We'd love to hear some feedback about our products, so we added reviews to the site. Please check out our Social media and give us a follow once we have everything set up. 

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