It's World Bee Day!

Oh wow! It's World Bee Day! Or, as I like to call it,  World Employee Appreciation Day! It's a day dedicated to all my hard worker bees! Many people look for ways to help bees. The best way I know is to buy some of our honey! These lil guys work so hard to make it just for you! Pick some up today and see how you like it!

I had some grilled chicken this weekend that I marinated in my hot honey (available soon!), and today I put hot honey on some chicken tenders! Soooo good!

Appreciate some bees today (especially mine!)

But don't put sugar water outside in upside-down water bottle caps if you see bees in the area. This can cause so many problems. If you see one Bee you want to help, it'll make you feel good to give it some sugar water, but you can't be lazy about it. You give it a drop of water and get rid of the water. 


Hope this helps! Have a great World Bee Day!


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