Introducing: Sting! Hot Honey!

So, here we are. We started thinking about saving bees. Then we wanted to buy land and get wildflowers and beehives going. Then we read the Hemp industry is helping to save bees, so we were going to make hemp honey. So many different ways to help the bees, and in turn, help the human race. This is where we landed after much deliberation: Sting Hot Honey!

The first jars of honey we plan to sell are just normal, everyday, organic honey, while we work out the kinks in our hot honey recipe. We're sourcing only the best ingredients, so it is going to take some time.

The plan is to develop 12 versions of our hot honey, and have a honey subscription: 1 jar per month delivered right to your door, in addition to just buying a jar of whatever you want whenever you want it.

So we have organic honey for now, and hot honey on the way! I am looking forward to growing this little business, and helping the honey bees along the way. We're still going to buy land dedicated to bee conservation when we are big enough. The plan for that land is simple: survey it, ensure local wildflowers are able to thrive, ensure a healthy bee population can be sustained, and put bee boxes throughout. As our honey needs increase, our bee colonies will need to do the same, so we need a plan, and that's it! 

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