Bees Attack Two. One Dies!

Headlines like this scare people. The actual headline for the article I read was A Texas Man Mowing His Lawn Was Killed by an Aggressive Swarm of Bees." Only after reading the article do you find that these are Africanized Honey Bees, and common in the area. So, basically, a tragedy occurred, and now anyone, anywhere, reading the article demonizes the regular old, happy-go-lucky honey bee. It's really unbelievable how incredibly important bees are to humanity, and how headlines can demonize this helpful creature.

Not only do Bees make delicious honey, but they also pollenate much of our food and the plants our food eats! We need these guys. The Africanized version of the bee is not your average everyday honeybee. Honeybees are not murder hornets, and they don't go around killing people on a whim. For the most part, the bees we see flying around are just looking for pollen or collecting pollen. If you see them out there, and they seem worn out or tired, they are likely very fatigued, and could use a drop of sugar water placed somewhere near them.

As a matter of fact, while I was processing some peppers and honey for my new honey-habanero relish (coming soon), the bees were really trying to get to that honey. I could hear them outside, and when I went to check, there were more than hundred hungry bees out there. It was really interesting to see them!

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